Smart Work eCourse

Our online, self-paced eCourse combines modern productivity strategies with hands-on practical implementation using MS Outlook and OneNote.

The Smart Work eCourse teaches busy knowledge workers how to manage their schedules, priorities, and information more effectively using the technology already at their fingertips, specifically MS Outlook and MS OneNote.

This program has been designed to cater for individuals who would like to attend our training, but do not have the capacity to bring us in-house to work with their team in a live workshop. The videos and tech tutorials cover all of the aspects of the Smart Work approach that we would cover in a live setting, and the great things is, the tutorials can be watched over and over again as needed.

New technology, same old issues.

How we work and communicate has changed dramatically as newer, faster, better technologies have been developed. But for all this technology, we are still struggling with the same old issues!

  • How do we prioritise?
  • How do we control the deluge of incoming work?
  • How do we work proactively in a reactive workplace?

Adapt Productivity has developed a powerful method for training people to be more productive. We blend tested productivity enhancing principles with the power and functionality of MS Outlook. We take the theory and show you how to implement it in the technology. We focus on creating real behavioural change with our practical, hands-on training.

The learning does not stop once the course ends. Our follow up online program, Making it Stick, is a blended learning solution that maximises the behavioural change for all. Participants receive six weekly emails after the workshop. Each email links them to a short video and a whitepaper designed to reinforce the learning and keep them moving forward on the path to increased productivity. We know you will be thrilled with the results.

The strategies outlined in this course are best implemented using MS Outlook as an email, calendar and task management tool. Please note the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook is required for successful implementation. The strategies cannot be applied to the web-based version of MS Outlook, and while it is possible to apply them to tools like Gmail and Outlook for Mac, it is more challenging to implement than with MS Outlook. It is strongly recommended that you undertake this course using the desktop verion of MS Outlook.

"My workflow is focused and planned. I am able to plan my day, my week and month so that I also have time for unexpected tasks. Each week my inbox is at zero. I actually am saving 30mins a day and all my tasks are on time and of a high quality."

- eCourse Participant

Course Outcomes

  • Filter & prioritise email and other inputs
  • Create a daily action plan in MS Outlook
  • Manage all activities from one central planning tool
  • Balance meeting and task workload
  • Achieve inbox zero on a regular basis
  • Work more proactively and less reactively
  • Harness the full power of MS Outlook and OneNote
  • Maintain focus in an interruption-driven environment
  • Spend more time on the important stuff

"The Smart Work eCourse was really easy to navigate. The workshop was absolutely amazing. The technical support that was provided by Adapt staff was also fantastic!"

- eCourse Participant

Course Curriculum

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Smart Work eCourse experience. The tutorials were easy to follow and Dermot's talks were inspirational. My workflow is now organised and tasks are completed when I choose."

- eCourse Participant

Your Instructor

Dermot Crowley
Dermot Crowley

Dermot Crowley is the Director and founder of Adapt Productivity, a Sydney based training company founded in 2002.

Dermot, the founder of Adapt Productivity, is one of Australia’s foremost thought-leaders on productivity. He is the author of Smart Work, Smart Teams and Urgent! due for release mid-2020. Building on many years of experience in the productivity training industry, he created Adapt in 2002 with a vision of helping management and staff in Australia’s leading organisations to manage their time, priorities and emails more effectively using tools like MS Outlook and mobile technology.

Dermot has a highly inspiring yet practical approach to productivity in the modern workplace. His passion is creating real behavioural change, and has developed a system for working productively that is applicable to anyone working in today’s busy, email driven workplace.

While remaining heavily involved in the training activities of the business, much of Dermot’s time is spent working with senior leaders and leadership teams on their productivity, and their ability to lead productivity in their teams. His pragmatic approach and wealth of experience ensure that he brings relevant strategies to the table for the leadership level. His focus on productivity technology ensures that executives are getting the most from the tools at their fingertips.

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"I am better organised, there is less duplication in my work, I am better able to use outlook to prioritise and complete tasks in a more efficient way - thank you!"

- eCourse Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts as soon as you enrol. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish, though we recommend you complete the course within 4 weeks.
How long do I have access to the course?
For life. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own, even if we update.
Is this course publicly available?
No. It is only available to selected participants and organisations. Please contact us for more information.
What do I need to be able to complete this eCourse?
The desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. This course does not cover other email programs, or the online version of Outlook.

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